Why Buy 100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothes?

At we strive to find the best products for your baby and clothes that include quality fabrics.  We are often asked the difference between cotton and organic cotton and we will attempt to explain our interpretation.  We strive to find vendors that provide great quality cotton fabrics and they are all super soft cotton.  Some cottons are cleaner then others and organic cotton is the cleanest. Baby skin is very pure and at birth a baby skin and lungs has not been exposed to any of the elements.  Some babies do fine with 100% cotton fabrics but some babies require 100% organic cotton for their sensitive skins and lungs.  Sometimes babies are more vulnerable to health problems associated with chemicals found in conventional cotton. Organic cotton is grown from organic seeds and is cultivated without the use of harmful toxins or synthetic fertilizers.  Typically organic cotton is produced without using chemicals, pesticides, or dyes with heavy metals. When you use organic cotton products you help protect your baby from exposure to toxic chemicals. Organic cotton is grown using biodynamic farming and natural methods such as composting so it uses less water and is better for the environment.  Check out our organic cotton baby clothes collection from Under the Nile.  Thank you for shopping at

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